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Design, Sizing and Verification

Planing, design, sizing and documentation  of low voltage networks with a specialized design and dimensioning software for low voltage installation networks. The software has many unique features, which makes it also unique in its category.

The main functions of program are, setting up the structure of the distribution network, sizing the cables and wires and all related switch gears, checking the compatibility and the standard conformity of the network! The system tests the network according to VDE0100-410 2007-6 and the current carrying capacity according to VDE0298-4 2013-08. It also differentiate between residential and industrial facility. The test are curried out according to an option menu were the concerned parameter are tested, such as selectivity of the CB. It include a lot of very useful features and a simulation module. The result is a complete and very detailed documentation generated in accordance of the user selection, this include among others parts lists and quantities, Test results, a detailed multi-pole installation schematic.