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All our electrical works are curried out according to international standard and the equivalent German Standard  such as VDE0100, VDE0298 and all its sub-standards.

We  use state of the art software for planing, sizing and documentation of electrical distribution networks for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The software is able to evaluate several important parameter for the correct value such as appropriate cables and wires parameter, selectivity of the circuit breakers, current carrying capacity,  short circuit current, voltage drop and more! A complete and comprehensive documentation including general schematics and multi-pole schematics is the result of planing.

We offer the following service  in the area of low Voltage Networks


The phrase energy management means different things to different people. To us, energy management is:

The efficient and effective use of energy to maximize profits (minimize costs) and enhance competitive positions.

Increasing energy prices, the discussion on stopping nuclear energy production entirely, dwindling fossil-based energy resources and increasing competitive pressure motivate politics and society to fundamentally reconsider the way we deal with energy. … read more

EMS energy management systems based on EN16001 / ISO 50001